Be Kind Rewind- 1998

00:00- Movie Overview, 

Patch Adams, Babe: Pig in the City, US Marshall, Mercury Rising, Rush Hour, Half Baked, Almost Heroes, The Negotiator, Enemy of the State, Armageddon, Rounders and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels! 

Time Stamps

11:20- The Truman Show 

12:58- A Bugs Life   

14:15- Prince of Egypt 

15:30- There's Something About Mary

17:30- Saving Private Ryan

20:45- American History X

21:10- Life is Beautiful

23:15- The Big Lebowski

Gabe's List

5. The Truman Show

4. There's Something About Mary

3. Saving Private Ryan

2. The Big Lebowski

1. American History X


Logan's List     

5. A Bug's Life

4. Prince of Egypt  

3. American History X

2. Life is Beautiful

1.  The Truman Show

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