Starting off the new series with a bang. Kyle, Dustin, Cheyne and Gabe check out their favorite moments of 2018.

Wrestler of the year Kyle- Will OspreayDustin- Johnny GarganoCheyne - Becky LynchGabe- Flip Gordon Match of the yearKyle- Omega vs Okada njpw Dominion Dustin- Aj vs Bryan TLCCheyne - Gargano vs Almas Takeover Philadelphia Gabe- Joey Janella Vs. Hangman Page All In

Tag team of the year

Kyle- Golden Lovers

Dustin- Young BucksCheyne - Undisputed EraGabe- Young BucksMovie of the yearKyle- Deadpool 2

Dustin- Halloween 2018Cheyne - Into the SpiderverseGabe- A Star Is Born

TV show of the year

Kyle- American Vandal

Dustin- Daredevil season 3

Cheyne- My Hero Academia season 3

Gabe- The Good Place

Video game of the year

Kyle- Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Dustin- Spider-Man PS4

Cheyne - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gabe- Red Dead Redemption 2

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